Anti-Corruption Justice Center (ACJC) Coordination Meeting with Civil Society Organizations

On 10th October 2017, Mr. Najeebullah Yalghoz Najeeb, represented AJO in the ACJC Coordination Meeting with Civil Society Organizations at ACJC Office. 
ACJC was established in year 2016, based on decree of the President and consists Specialized Trial Court, Specialized Attorneys and Specialized Police.  
Based on the information provided in this meeting, ACJC, since establishment has received a total number of 346 cases in two categories: Military Cases and Civil Cases. Of the total number, 262 cases referred to Civil Attorney, 37 Cases referred to Military Attorney while 47 cases are under investigation. As said in the meeting, ACJC deals with big corruption cases and one one such example is the convition of the Finance Advisor to the Ministry of Urban Development with 20 years of imprisonment and imposed fine of 86 Million AFS.
Head of ACJC assured the NGOs, CSOs, Advocates, and other Governmental Organizations that ACJC will provide and fair and just services in dealing with corruption cases and will punish the corrupt government officials.  ACJC will continue having meetings with civil society organizations in future as well and based on a regular schedule.
Establishment of Anti-Corruption Criminal Justice Center (ACJC) has been an important step against the reign of corruption in Afghanistan. People of Afghanistan and the International community are hopeful that ACJC will achieve something worthwhile if it is provided with enough authority and it keeps on pursuing the corruption cases with determination and consistency.
ACJC has held a number of open trials regarding corruption cases involving government officials.