Anti-Corruption Sub-Committee Round Table Meeting

On November 02, 2017, AJO's Program Director and Project Officer participated in the first Anti-Corruption Sub-Committee meeting by APPRO to discuss objectives and strategy for this specific sub-committee, and identify possible collaboration and coordination between different civil society organizations which work in anti-corruption area in Afghanistan. The Anti-Corruption Sub-Committee is established under the National Advocacy Committee for Public Policy. The purpose of establishing the Anti-Corruption sub-committee has been:

- Critical Mass and collective voice
- Effective advocacy based on evidence
- Protection due to critical mass
- Shared platform or better outreach
- Collective learning or professionalization
- More equal state-civil society relations and dialogue
- More access to state authorities
- More likely to influence policy process
The committee members in their first meeting decided to develop a strategy for anti-corruption sub-committee and the following action points were set to follow:
Action 1: NAC-PP secretariat to compile a draft strategy for the Anti-corruption Sub-committee based on answers of the member organizations to the following questions and share with members before the next meeting:
Action 2: Identify collaboration opportunities among sub-committee members to start joint activities immediately.
Action 3: Training on shared anti-corruption vocabulary to be used by sub-committee member organizations in their own work and in joint activities with other members.
The participant organizations include: Quest Financial Services, Rebuild Consultant, Shuhada Organization (SO), Afghanistan Justice Organization (AJO), Afghans Coordination against Corruption (AFCAC), Afghan Youth New Era Organization (AYNEO), Integrity Watch Afghanistan (IWA), Cordaid, Flow, Afghan Cultural Community (ACC), Afghanistan Youth Social and Educational Organization (AYSEO).