Behind The Bars A Labyrinth Of Challenges In Prisons In Afghanistan

On November 12th 2017, Lailuma Nasiri, represented AJO in the press conference on the publication of the report on prisons in Afghanistan titled  ‘BEHIND THE BARS - A LABYRINTH OF CHALLENGES IN PRISONS IN AFGHANISTAN' at the IWA office in Kabul.
The report is focused on the findings of site visits to prison facilities in Baghlan (November 2015), Pol-i-Charkhi (March 2016), and Wardak (2017), undertaken by inspection teams of Integrity Watch Afghanistan. The inspection comprised exterior and interior inspections of the prison facilities with the use of an engineering checklist and interviews with prison staff.
The assessment has basically been a follow up of the SIGAR assessement and report published in 2014 on the mentioned prisons in Afghanistan. The  findings of this report indicate the level of progress and the current situation of the same prisons. The report indicates that much progress hasn’t been made on the findings in 2014 report and recommends that future studies for inspection of prisons in other provinces of Afghanistan and systemic improvements in prisons conditions in the country should be in place.