Government and civil society consultation meeting and workshop on Basic Rights in Afghansitan

Afghanistan Public Policy Research Organization (APPRO) organized a meeting and workshop to bring to gather representative from civil society and government institutions such as (AJO, ACSF, AWN, MOJ, MoPH, MoE, MOI and IDLG)  to discuss progress toward meeting fundamental rights obligations, challenges, and pathways forward. These consultations and workshop were intended to result in the development of a roadmap by government and civil society representatives as the framework within which to increase coordination among different stakeholders in Afghanistan to achieve the goals set in the Brussels Conference back in 2016. Brussels conference connected with the compilation of the first year of the ARM (Afghanistan Rights Monitor) project, and its specific areas:

 - Regular monitoring of the current conditions of fundamental rights in Afghanistan using a set of indicators based on internationally recognized standards for monitoring civil, social, and economic rights.
 - Informed, pragmatic and constrictive advocacy messaging on fundamental rights needs, based on empirical data, and delivered by civil society actors.
 - Increased capacity and responsiveness of public institutions to fundamental rights needs of Afghan citizens.

In addition to the presentations presented by delegation from Afghanistan, findings from two research papers on South Africa and Kashmir (India) on state – civil society relations and discourse mechanisms for addressing fundamental rights needs were also presented. The workshop  sessions will be continued in Kabul in future as well.

Ms. Gullalai Karimi, Gender Development Expert represented AJO in the workshop