‘The US in Afghanistan: A case of mistaken identity’

Lailuma Nasiri | VP AJO Date: 18th Jul 2016

“The Taliban cannot work for a single day without our patronage, cooperation, and support; they are being protected here, equipped, and trained with the support and assistance from ISI and Military

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An elusive concept, but can Mullah Omar bring peace to Afghanistan?

Notwithstanding years of efforts by President Hamid Karzai and the relevant international actors, peace is still elusive.

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A Blast from the Brutal Past

Stung by the scathing criticism from various quarters, the Afghan government has backed away from the plan to reintroduce

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Afghans deserve transparent voting in parliament

It took the National Unity leaders more than three months to agree on a 25-member cabinet, three of whom are women.

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Kill the crime, not criminals

To fight the menace of corruption, all the stakeholders must come together because the buck stops at all of us.

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The Curious Case of US-Afghan Security Pact

The critics say it will further undermine the sovereignty of Afghanistan, while the votaries argue it is important for country

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India-Pakistan’s powerplay in Afghanistan a recipe for disaster

Tuba Aslam Khan | Contributor Date: 1st Mar 2015

The situation in the region has turned more complicated with increasing Indian interference in Afghanistan

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Why TTP, not Afghan Taliban pose threat to the region

Kashinath Pandita | Contributor Date: 28th Feb 2015

Will Taliban terror proliferate eastward after the US drawdown in 2014? Strategists vigorously debate the proposition.

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Will President Ghani’s China visit open new chapter in Sino-Afghan relations?

Wali & Ziauddin | Contributors Date: 28th Feb 2015

China, which shares 76 kilometer long border with Afghanistan, has maintained a relatively ambiguous position on Afghanistan

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United for a better and prosperous future of Afghanistan

Shafeek Seddiq | President AJO Date: 27th Feb 2015

​The strategic goals of the national unity government for the ‘transformation period’ between 2015 and 2024

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In Afghanistan: the culture of protest and violence or lack of competent legal system to redress grievances

Shafeek Seddiq | President AJO Date: 26th Feb 2015

The international efforts to rebuild the rule of law reform in Afghanistan as part of state-building have come a long way in the last 12 years.

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Why Kabul Bank is the biggest test for President Ghani

In a post-conflict country, where the democratic institutions are still evolving and rule of law is scandalously absent

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Restore Integrity to the Public Office

Lailuma Nasiri | VP AJO Date: 27th Mar 2014

Sadly, Afghanistan this year again earned the dubious title of the top corrupt country in the world along side North Korea and Somalia

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