Who We Are

The Afghanistan Justice Organization (AJO) is an Afghan-led, non-profit, and non-partisan organization promotes democracy, governance and rule of law through project design and management, project performance and evaluation, training and capacity development, policy research and analysis, and public awareness campaigns and advocacy.

AJO believes in effective public awareness campaigns to inform citizens that corruption is not too big to fight, that they are not powerless against it, and that it should not be treated as the “cost of doing business.” Therefore, an effective public campaign not only informs the citizenry about the ills of corruption, but also can be used as a catalyst for citizens to engage in the fight against corruption and thus restore integrity to the public office. Further, the more ordinary Afghans become the dogwatch, demand their rights and refuse to be part of those public officials who demand bribes, the more citizens are engaged in the fight against corruption the more corruption will weaken in society. AJO therefore created the Report Corruption Drive.


Report Corruption is exclusively designed to allow visitors to tell their stories of corruption, entitled: “I paid a bribe, I did not pay a bribe, I met an honest officer”. The specific aim of Report Corruption is not only to allow Afghans an avenue to went out, but for AJO to analyze the data, determine the capacity of the institutions, and draw logical conclusions.

AJO will draft reports based on the analysis (i.e. ranking institutional corruption) and publish them on AJO and Zariza websites, informing the citizenry and decisions makers as to the status of the institutions’ ranking.

A less corrupt institute will be praised and touted. This will create both shame and competition amongst the government institutions and lead to integrity.


Make this work

We invite you to report any recent, or old, bribes or corrupt acts that you have accurate knowledge about. Your reports are completely anonymous as we do not ask for your name or phone details, nor do we track or retain any other information from reporters in any way, so feel free to report knowing that you are helping to move Afghanistan toward a better future.