• I Did Not Pay A Bribe
  • On 01 February,  2016

Due to refusal from bribing the real culprits freed and I was penalized AFS 98000/-

Reported on  04 December, 2017 from  Nangarhar  ι Report # 10

A fraud was immmitted in NBP, Jalalabad with the connivance of customer and bank staff including the then Manager Mr. Fazal Rahim Khan. A leaf of cheque lying in the custody of bank was stolen and illegally punched in to the cheque book issuance of computer system in the account of Mr Inamullah (Petitioner & co culprit) during my absence while I was on leave to Pakistan and cheque books and other charge was with Mr. Fazal Rahim Manager. Later on, Mr. Inamullah personally came for withdrawal of USD 88500/- along with a person named by Inamullah as Zalmay. The branch staff witnessed his presence at the time of withdrawal. Forensic report of his signatures is also available and he signed the same signatures even after on year from which he refused to own. Further the citizenship of Mr. Inamullah is also faked, he is a Pakistani but has Tazkara and passport of Afghanistan.