Culture of Non-Violence in Afghanistan with Stories of the People’s Peace Movement

On April 8th 2019, AJO led a debate program organized by Afghanistan Peace & Conflict Studies Group (APCSG) which AJO is a member, at the Afghanistan Center at Kabul Univeristy (ACKU) on Culture of Non-Violence in Afghanistan with stories from the People’s Peace Movement.  

This program was particularly dedicated to the stories of the People’s Peace Movement established in Afghanistan a year ago by a young and dedicated person in Helmand province where insurgency reached the hightest level. The movement started its peaceful demonstration from Lashkargah, the capital city of Helmand and quickly spread across Afghanistan in an unprecedented movement that included all segments of society.

APCSG will continue to conduct such events in future in Kabul with focus on youth and univeristies to pave way for a constructive and positivie shift in views of the youth who are targeted at first step by extremist groups and views. The purpose of organizing this program was to hear the adversities of the movement, how it started, where it moved, what the movement has achieved sofar, and where the movement stand in the current Afghan peace talk process. The  youth participating in the event asked questions on how to revert back to the roots of a society where non violence is a culture of life and whether the culture of non violence still has the power to overcome violence in our society? Iqbal Khaibar, the leader of the movement told his story and responded to the questions.

About APCSG:

AJO is a founding member of the Afghanistan Peace and Conflict Studies Group established in 2018 in Kabul. This group is created to initiate and advance a new discourse by Afghan experts about violent and non-violent extremism and its impact on the Afghan society. The group aims to lead Afghanistan’s discussion, debate, and interventions in matters relating to violent extremism and non-violent extremism.

About AJO:

The Afghanistan Justice Organization (AJO) is an Afghan-led, non-profit, and non-partisan organization promotes  democracy, governance and rule of law through project design and management, project performance and evaluation, training and capacity development, policy research and analysis, and public awareness campaigns and advocacy.