A Debate on Culture of Non-Violence in Afghanistan

On September 3rd, 2018, Lailuma Nasiri/AJO VP participated in the debate program  organized by Afghanistan Peace & Conflict Studies Group (APCSG) which AJO is a member, at the Afghanistan Center at Kabul Univeristy (ACKU) on Culture of Non-Violence in Afghanistan.

This debate program has been the first of its kind  and the topic discussed by two promenant scholors each Mr. Abdul Ghafoor Lewal and Mr. Hassani was the culture of non violence in Afghanistan in religious and cultural context. APCSG will continue to conduct such events in future in Kabul with focus on youth and univeristies to pave way for a constructive and positivie shift in views of the youth who are targeted at first step by extremist groups and views. A number of youth participated in the event and asked questions on how to revert back to the roots of a society where non violence is a culture of life. The scholors responded questions of the participants with examples of religious and cultural non violence backgrounds and principles.

APCSG is created to initiate and advance a new discourse by Afghan experts about violent and non-violent extremism and its impact on the Afghan society. The group aims to lead Afghanistan’s discussion, debate, and interventions in matters relating to violent extremism and non-violent extremism.

The overall objective of APCSG is to actively reach out to communities, groups, and peoples most vulnerable to violent and non-violent extremism to educate them about counter measures and to raise awareness on non-violent extremism through different means.