Final Report Afghanistan National Legal Aid Congress

The first National Legal Aid Congress was conducted in coordination with MoJ and participated by the 2nd Vice President, Minister of Justice, Deputy Minister/MoJ, Head of LAD and Heads of several directorates and departments, Advisor to AG, Member of Taqnin Department of SC, representatives from IDLO, TAF, GIZ, ILF-A, AIHRC, AIBA, TQG, JFA, HWCA, Medica Afghanistan, SDGO, HRO, ACDEO, Checchi, and members of other relevant institutions.

Objectives of the Congress
The National Legal Aid Congress was designed to serve as a platform for all legal aid providers including government institutions, international partners and national legal aid providers to assess the current situation of legal aid, discuss the challenges and find out possible solutions through which the MoJ’s Legal Aid Directorate and national and international partners provide sufficient and quality service and expand legal aid services to accelerate the process of access to justice.

National Legal Aid Congress was also conducted to evaluate the implementation of the existing national legal aid policy and collect recommendations from the legal aid providers. Based on MoJ action plan the revision of National Legal Aid Policy was part of its commitment to coordinate its relevant activities, provide and extent legal aid services at provincial and district level and make it accessible, cost effective relevant and sustainable.

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