Presentation and Panel Discussion on Administrative Corruption

26 July 2017 - AJO participated in the APPRO Presentation and Panel Discussion on Administrative Corruption presented at APPRO office. The presentation was about findings of the Citizen's Forum Against Corruption (CFAC) initiative, a partnership between APPRO and TEFA. The presentation was followed by a penal discussion on the role of civil society and its organizations in protecting citizens from extortion and a much needed dialogue between civil society and state authorities on how to combat corruption. The questions for the panel included:

Addressing administrative corruption on legal grounds:
- Legal support and administrative corruption: what works and what remains to be done?

- What protection mechanisms can be put in place to help citizens protect themselves from administrative corruption on legal grounds?

Advocacy and constructive engagement of Government stakeholders and donors on administrative corruption:

- What type of mechanisms can be set up to strengthen oversight of policy processes and government reforms on administrative corruption? 

- How can civil society constructively engage decision makers on administrative corruption?

Is anyone innocent or are we all guilty?

 - Are NGOs and INGOs immune to extortion by corrupt STO/MTO officials?

- How can civil society better coordinate to increase accountability of tax officials in STO/MTO/LTO?

Most of the discussions were focused on the current problems and included suggestions for better coordination between the civil society organization and government in fighting corruption.