President Ashraf Ghani’s Job Performance Report Card

The Afghanistan Justice Organization (AJO) from time to time measures the perception of the Afghan people on different ongoing political and social issues. After, a roller-coaster election ride which eventually declared him winner, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani is half way (30 months) through his five-year term as president. The AJO wanted to learn what Afghans think about President Ghani’s job performance mid-way, and hope that the findings in this report will inform the President to perhaps take stock and accordingly adjust his performance or not.

The purpose of this survey is simple. We want to know Afghans’ sentiment towards the President by measuring his job approval ratings. The rating is measured by applying Afghanistan’s school grading system of “pass”, “fail” and “conditioned” – a term meaning that the student is at a level of neither worthy of passing or failing but rather should be given another chance to take the exam again. In the West, mashroot is probably most closely related to “D” meaning that the student’s performance is marginal in the required subject and has given no evidence of prospective growth in the discipline. We use the term “conditional” to describe mashroot – meaning the student will be given a second chance to take the exam to pass.

This survey, like most surveys that predict public perception, is subjective. However, the grades President Ghani received in the various sectors on which he campaigned is generally accepted statistical indicator of the current mood of the Afghans about him. The sectors selected were Peace, Good Governance, Security, Foreign Policy, Economy, Education, Public Health, and the cross-cutting issue of Corruption.

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