Law Library



Anyone who has dabbled at any level with Afghanistan’s legal system knows that finding laws is a colossal undertaking.   This is why we created Afghanistan Law Library (ALL)
We are proud to welcome and introduce you to ALL, the electronic tool allowing you to find Afghan Laws.  It is designed to meet the specific needs of the judges, prosecutors, defense lawyers, law and Shari’a professors and students, the larger business community both domestic and internationals who are investing or are already in Afghanistan, international lawyers, and academics.
ALL is the only comprehensive online legal research database in Afghanistan.  ALL is the preeminent online national law library containing all the cases that are printed, statutes, regulations, court rules, ministry guidance, treaties, presidential decrees and orders, strategies and analytical reports. 
ALL also provides access to news through its affiliates the Afghan Zariza (Afghan Millennium) at and legal developments from the Afghanistan Justice Organization (AJO) at legal forms, and Continuing Legal Education (CLEs) programs.
ALL is the leading and one of kind legal research service that puts everything you need to know about Afghan laws in one place at your fingertips.
The libraries created are easily searchable just like you search the web for any documents, or by keyword, natural language or “Boolean” search.

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